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Terms of Service

In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:

Before we measure:

In order to ensure we take the appropriate measurements for you and to provide you with the correct technical and functional advice, it is extremely important that you have selected the exact type of product(s) you would like us to measure for. Believe it or not many window treatments require different measurements for the same window! Once a measurement is complete if you decide to change the type of treatment which the window was specifically measured for, M&N installation will not take any responsibility if that treatment does not fit properly. A return visit can be arranged for a fee to confirm that the newly selected product will fit the desired area. It is our goal to leave you with the correct measurement you need to order the product you selected. So please select exactly what you would like before we arrive to measure.

Installation Appointments:

Please do not call to set up an installation appointment unless you already have the items you ordered on site and have thoroughly inspected them. If a technician arrives to the site and the items are not there, you will be billed a minimum service call of $100.00. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions. If the job was not measured by M&N Installation and cannot be installed due to improper measurements, there will be a minimum service charge of $100.

Inspect all items:

Inspect all items: Please inspect all products thoroughly before scheduling an installation. This will help you avoid having to make another appointment. In the event that an installation can not be done and or a return trip is required, a minimum fee of $100 will be billed and/or an additional fee will be charged for a second visit. So please inspect everything and make sure you have received everything exactly as you ordered it. In the unlikely event there is a problem please contact the manufacturer directly and resolve any issues prior to scheduling an appointment.

Prepare the site:

Prepare the site: Prior to the technicians arrival please remove all “breakables” from the areas where the technician will be working, and secure all pets. Our technicians are neat, careful and extremely respectful of your home but we will not be responsible for accidental breaks / damages / scratches / which are the result of unsafe or cluttered working conditions.

Have payment ready:

Fees: Payment for measurement services is to be made prior to the appointment or to the technician directly the day of the measurement, together with any taxes that may apply. Please remember the technician’s fees are not included in any price paid for window treatments. All installation fees must be paid prior to installation. Payment for installation is by credit card only. Sorry no exceptions.

Expect some debris:

Expect some debris: After an installation, cardboard, paper, plastic, and perhaps your old window treatment will remain. The technician will not take this debris away, but he/she will break it up, bag it and place it in a suitable area within your home.

2nd visit policy:

In the unlikely event a return visit is required due to a manufacturer’s defect, an additional minimum installation fee will be charged to the customer to have M&N return to install. All returns must be made directly through the manufacturer and a follow-up installation may be scheduled upon receipt of the corrected product.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event you need to cancel a measurement or installation appointment, please contact us via email or phone at least 24hrs before the time of the scheduled service. If cancellation is within 24hrs of the scheduled appointment a minimum cancellation fee of $75.00 will be charged.

Contractor Etiquette:

As our customer, you have the right to expect professionalism and courtesy at all times. Our technicians abide by the following rules:

  • Arrive as scheduled and, if delayed, promptly notify customer and arrange new appointment if necessary.
  • Behave professionally while in customers home (no smoking, eating, etc.)
  • Have a neat appearance and be conscious of working with clean hands.
  • Will not track debris into customer’s home and clean up any mess made by work done.
  • Only start work that they are qualified to perform and can be completed with the highest quality for the agreed upon price.
  • Give explanation of, and have customer agree to, any extra charges before the work is started.
  • Follow and abide by all safety regulations, regarding those related to cords and strangulation, set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and any similar state laws.